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Hidden Cam
The latest generation of hinges for ovens[»]
Soft opening / closing hinge
One point rotation
Hinge for standard applications [»]
Double point rotation
Hinge with rototraslation movement [»]

Small Compartments
Hinge that are applied on the inferior or on the lateral door of the                   gas oven[»]

Catering Appliance
Hinges that are used in the restoration plants[»]

Special Applications
Hinges for special applications [»]


Technical Info
HinGenius up to 7kg
HinGenius from 7 up to 12kg
Support for hinge from 7 kg up to 12kg
The HinGenius hinge is created by using a special shock absorber applied on hidden cam hinges and it can be installed without any modification on oven/cooker that already are assembled with this kind of hinge.

HinGenius hinge, over grant the considerable advantages of hidden cam hinges, is proposed in two versions : “close” and “open”.

The “close” version allows a soft closing of the oven’s door in the last 15-20° angle without applying any other external force. The user has only to guide the door up to the point where it will smoothly close by itself with a gentle and silent movement. Even if it’s slammed, the hinge will compensate the force gradually slowing down the movement, allowing a perfect shutting of the door and avoiding any nasty or irritating banging.
This system, suitable for doors with big weight and sizes, is perfectly combined with the style of modern kitchens present in Europe but also worldwide where a similar movement already applies to the drawers of the kitchen furniture.

The “open” version allows the soft opening of the oven’s door without the necessity to apply any other external force.
The user simply releasing a block system holding the door (by pressing the door itself or pushing a button) allowing the automatic opening with a gentle and silent movement.
By applying this version will be possible to avoid the use of a handle on the oven door obtaining a considerable improvement on the aesthetic side also, particularly in the outlook of built-in ovens.

HinGenius hinge can be assembled on oven door of weight:
up to 7kg
from 7kg up to 12kg.

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